Meet the mysterious Marine vet who infiltrates hate groups to try to prevent mass shootings
The start of a massive brawl at an alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon, which was declared a riot by police/Screenshot from video by Mike Bivins

While America is plagued with mass shootings on a scale seen nowhere else in the industrialized world, there are many more mass shootings that could be happening but are thwarted by law enforcement.

One person we may have to thank for that, according to the Daily Mail, is a shadowy undercover investigator known as "The Savant."

A former Marine and police officer specializing in undercover operations, The Savant does top-secret work assisting the FBI in trying to catch mass shooters and other violent extremists before they have killed anyone. She does this by infiltrating online hate groups, where many people are radicalized to commit acts of violence.

The Savant, who identified herself to the Daily Mail only as "K," got started in 2007, when she saw violent terrorism imagery on a man's Myspace profile, and discovered that he had been radicalized in prison. She helped the FBI set up a sting operation, giving him a truck that he believed to be full of explosives. When he placed the phone call that he thought would trigger the detonation, it instead summoned federal agents.

She has been assisting the FBI ever since, nabbing white nationalists and other extremists by spotting their red flag behavior on social media — and in her house there is a framed letter from Robert Mueller, the FBI director under which she served, saying, "We are so grateful for the good work — and the good — you do."

The United States may not have enough gun laws to prevent all the massacres it could. But that does not mean there aren't people working behind the scenes to prevent things from getting any worse.