Melania's right-hand woman just handed over a treasure trove of documents to the DC attorney general
Melania Trump gives an interview (Screenshot)

First lady Melania Trump's right-hand woman, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, just handed over a huge bundle of documents to the attorney general of Washington, D.C., wrote Emily Jane Fox for Vanity Fair.

The subpoena came last month, requesting documents about President Donald Trump's inauguration, which Wolkoff worked extensively to plan. The inauguration has been under investigation for months after it was revealed foreign nationals were searching for ways to donate. At least one person scammed a foreign donor searching for a front-row seat to the event. Then there's the matter of the inauguration raising more than any other committee in history while spending a shockingly low amount of it.

"The latest subpoena appears to be probing potential self-dealing by the Trump Organization and members of the president’s family, according to two people familiar with the investigation," wrote Fox.

Wolkoff handed over all of the requested documents having to do with the inauguration by the July 28 deadline. They could reveal whether the Trump Organization was scoring benefits on the side.

"The attorney general appears to be particularly interested in payments being made through the inaugural committee to Trump-owned businesses, and whether there was a fair bidding process for contractors," Fox wrote.

Wolkoff won't give any information, however, saying she's bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

“If the [Presidential Inaugural Committee] wants to release me from this obligation, I would be able to speak freely without the fear of legal or financial repercussions,” she said in a statement. “Otherwise, I am regrettably unable to provide substantial comment.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) requested the same documents through the House Intelligence Committee.

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