Minor ‘was forced to lose her virginity’ to Jeffrey Epstein — and abuse continued after plea deal: lawsuit
Right-wing conspiracy theory pushed by President Donald Trump

Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is facing further allegations of sexual abuse.

"Three new accusers have sued the estate of Jeffrey Epstein alleging that he abused them with sex toys and forced them to engage in other sex acts, according to court documents reviewed by multiple outlets," Vice News reported Tuesday.

"One woman said she was forced to lose her virginity to him after they met when she was 17. Another said that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged madam, taught her the 'proper way to give a blow job' to Epstein after they met," Vice reported.

The sweetheart plea deal negotiated by Alex Acosta, who Trump subsequently nominated to be Labor Secretary, also makes an appearance in the lawsuit.

"All of the women said their abuse continued well after Epstein made a cushy plea agreement with federal prosecutors in 2007 to avoid child sex trafficking charges," Vice reported.