MSNBC anchor blasts Trump’s ‘lunacy’ after ‘a Twitter tirade that sent the Dow spiraling’
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House (screengrab)

The New York Stock Exchange closed down over 600 points on Friday as President Donald Trump's trade war with China escalated.

MSNBC anchor John Heilemann said, "we’re hours away for the president taking off to the G7 summit in Bairritz, France, where allies are bracing for the Trump-fueled mayhem that is now 100% certain to ensue, with Trump like a drunken traveler in the departure lounge about to take a trip that he dreads, already sowing global chaos, days-long public meltdown typically moved from words to actions."

"Donald Trump beginning this day with a Twitter tirade that sent the Dow spiraling, closing down more than 600 points today and escalating his trade war with China with these norm-shattering, power-abusing words in this tweet," he said, putting the tweet on-screen.

"But wait, there’s more," he continued. "Donald Trump lashing out again today, even more wildly than usual at fed chair Jerome Powell, whom you may recall Trump appointed to that job and who this morning said that the trade war is partly to blame for the darkening U.S. outlook and partly Trump’s own fault."

"Donald Trump, president of the United States, comparing his own handpicked Fed chair to the authoritarian president of China," he noted.