MSNBC host says Tucker Carlson is a straight-up white supremacist: 'He knows what he's doing'
Fox News host Tucker Carlson rants about Michael Avenatti immediately after interviewing him. (Screenshot)

MSNBC host Chris Hayes didn't parse words when calling out Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

After a rant claiming there's no such thing as a white supremacy problem in the United States, Carlson earned significant backlash for belittling the lives of nearly two-dozen people gunned down by a white nationalist.

Hayes noted that it isn't just his opinion that Carlson is an unofficial Klansman. The hed of Stormfront, a white nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic, Holocaust denial, neo-Nazi, called Carlson "one of our greatest advocates. Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke sang Carlson's praises, saying that the zionist media is inventing the conspiracy theory.

"Tucker Carlson tells his overwhelmingly white audience that the country is theirs," Hayes said. "That diversity is a threat, immigrants are invading. Then turns around to say with a straight face to say, 'White supremacy? What white supremacy?'"

Carlson's take flies in the face of President Donald Trump's own FBI chief, who called it a serious concern, that was only recently funded, one year after begging.

"Carlson, like the president that he apologizes for, knows what he’s doing," Hayes said. "In this case, it’s a clumsy little bait and switch in which he argues the only problems are the relatively small numbers of people who are members of a white supremacist organization."

Carlson also says that the shooter of a Pittsburg synagogue wasn't a member of an "organized group" and neither was the El Paso shooter. In Carlson's world, you're only a racist if you wear a white hood.

Watch Hayes' take below: