Trump goes off on Twitter rant about 'My Stock Market' at nearly 2 a.m. in France
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump has an early morning meeting Monday with Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi. He also has a full day of meeting with the G-7, but that wasn't his focus in the early morning hours.

"My Stock Market gains must be judged from the day after the Election (sic), November 9, 2016, where the Market went up big after the win, and because of the win. Had my opponent won, CRASH!" Trump tweeted Sunday night in the U.S., which was nearly 2 a.m. in France where the president is staying during the G-7 summit.

Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama tweeted a note that the president should likely consider hitting the pillow instead of hitting Democrats.

Many economists are warning that the U.S. has had a recession every ten years since the 1970s and is overdue for another one since the 2007 crash. Those detailing the greatest economic problems point to the president's trade war as a huge concern for the economy's stability.