Newly revealed docs show Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous ‘Lolita Express’ jet plane
Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump (Photo: screengrab)

In the aftermath of revelations that Jeffrey Epstein had sexually assaulted young girls for years, President Donald Trump tried to distance himself from the disgraced financier.

Over the summer, Trump said that he was "not a fan" of Epstein. Subsequent reporting found that the two men did indeed have a falling out. But it wasn't over the underaged girls, but a real estate deal gone wrong.

As Business Insider reports, newly unsealed flight logs reveal that Trump flew on Epstein's private plane -- dubbed "Lolita Express" -- at least once in 1997.

"Newly unsealed flight logs show that President Donald Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet in 1997, along with the billionaire couple Glenn and Eva Dubin," the Insider writes.

"A handwritten entry in the flight logs shows a trip Trump and the Dubins took from the Palm Beach International Airport to the Newark Liberty International Airport."

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