No one would have known Trump trash-talked daughter Tiffany if he hadn't fired Westerhout: Daily Beast reporter
Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump (Instagram)

President Donald Trump fired Director of Oval Office Operations Madeleine Westerhout after learning that she had gossiped to reporters that the president was disgusted by his younger daughter Tiffany Trump's weight.

The irony, noted Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff on MSNBC Saturday, is that if the president had not fired Westerhout, this damaging information would have been less likely to go public.

"Madeleine has been a really important part of his presidency. She has more visibility into the goings-on in the Oval Office than almost anyone else," said Woodruff. "And the fact that, thus far, she didn't have a reputation of leaking is something that unquestionably would have helped her earn trust from the president."

"The irony here, though, is that it's unlikely that anyone would have written a story based on statements she made to the press if they hadn't fired her," continued Woodruff. "If the White House had kept Madeleine on, it's likely what she told those reporters in an off-the-record context, and that was shared in the gossip chain, would have stayed in the D.C. gossip chain, and it wouldn't have been reported in a story. In this case the overreaction, or what appears to be an overreaction, resulted in more negative publicity for the Trump family than might have happened otherwise."

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