NY Gov Cuomo: Trump's hate ignited a 'dormant virus in the American DNA'
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo appears on CNN (Screen cap).

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "New Day," Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) laid into President Donald Trump for inflaming racial hatred — and discussed what must be done to keep the public safe from the violence he has caused.

"People are obviously frightened, and they should be with what they see in El Paso, Ohio, et cetera," said Cuomo. "I think they’re more frightened by the governmental impotence that we’re seeing. Where this is the same pattern, right? It’s the definition of insanity. El Paso, Ohio are not the first. Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Pittsburgh, et cetera. And still the government is impotent. And that’s what’s even more frightening than the killings."

"Now we have all this political noise on both sides and who’s a leftist and who’s a rightist," said Cuomo. "We have to get the basic truth and facts. And the basic truth and facts are that there were two elements that create this situation. The way hydrogen and oxygen create water. You have hate plus a gun."

"It is inarguable that this president has incited hate," Cuomo continued. "He didn’t create it. It’s been a dormant virus in the American DNA since we were created. But he incites it. He markets it. He is a marketer. That’s what this president is. And he marketed divide and conquer."

"The worst line in modern American political rhetoric was when he said mental illness pulled the trigger, not the gun," added Cuomo. "No. The trigger is on the gun. There is no trigger without a gun. Hate can pick up a stone. Hate can pick up a knife. But only an assault weapon can kill 22 people in a matter of minutes. They don’t want to address the issue which is gun control. He wants to stay away from that. And that is what must be resolved."

"And the Democrats have to frame the issue," said Cuomo. "People talk about, well, is this a moment for change? There is no moment for change. Leadership makes the moment. And the Democrats, I just heard the preceding piece of all the Democrats and where they are. Frankly, it confused me. I’m asking all Democrats, Democrats who want to run for president and come into the state of New York, just make it a simple, clear choice for the American people. The make America safer pledge. Four elements. An assault weapon ban, high capacity magazines, universal background check, mental health database, red flag laws. Those four elements of gun control will change this nation."

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