'Our president is deeply mentally ill’: Biographer says ‘blowhard’ Trump truly believes his narcissistic babbling
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston (screengrab)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Trump biographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning financial journalist David Cay Johnston told anchor Kate Bolduan that President Donald Trump's self-congratulatory rant was indicative of mental illness.

"David, you've studied Trump for years. You've also called him a 'world-class narcissist,'" said Bolduan. "How does that play into everything that we're hearing from the president today, from 'I'm the chosen one' to 'I'm the second coming of God' to declaring the Danish leader can't talk like that against the president of the United States?"

"Kate, Donald really does believe that he is superior to the rest of us," said Johnston. "He has himself talked about how the Trumps believe they are genetically superior to the rest of us. Notice how he calls everybody who in any way doesn't bow down to him an idiot, a fool, they don't know what they're doing."

"You know, if Donald were not the president, if he were someone you sat down next to in a bar or at dinner you had to go to or on an airplane, you would within a matter of minutes conclude from listening to this guy that he's a blowhard who is crazy," said Johnston. "But Donald really does believe these things. And they're delusional and they're indicative of the fact that our 45th president is deeply mentally ill."

"Given how common mental illness is, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that at some point we're going to have a mentally ill president," added Johnston. "That's what we've got now."

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