Paranoid Trump is convinced the media is trying to create a recession to bring him down: report
Trump's planned tariffs on steel and aluminium have triggered fears of a trade war. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

A new report from The Daily Beast claims that President Donald Trump fears that his enemies in the news media will intentionally drive the economy into a recession just to get him out of office in 2020.

According to one source who is described as someone who has "spoken to Trump about recessions since 2017," the president believes that any coming recession will be solely driven by the media reporting bad economic numbers rather than anything to do with the fundamentals of the economy.

“[Trump] thinks recessions or booms are often self-fulfilling prophecies,” the source explained. "He’s said when the media starts beating the drum about a recession coming, that negativity gets into people’s heads and they change their behavior: less purchasing, fewer entrepreneurs starting small businesses, people moving money out of the market."

The source then went on to say that the president thinks that he can simply talk the country out of a recession by telling Americans that the economy is doing great.

"He believes he can will the economy in a positive direction by feeding optimism to the ‘American spirit,'" the source claimed.

The report goes on to say that the president is being reinforced in this view by Fox News, which has featured several hosts this week who are claiming that talk of a recession is part of a media-driven conspiracy to remove Trump from office next year.