People in El Paso believe Trump is 'walking into his own crime scene with blood on his hands': MSNBC pundit
LatinX host Paola Ramos (Photo: Screen capture)

LatinX host Paola Ramos explained what so many in El Paso, Texas are feeling when President Donald Trump comes to the city after an anti-immigrant motivated terrorist attack. The moment comes after the president has spent years attacking immigrants and children of immigrants.

"The difference here, especially as we see those images of the president walking down the stairs into El Paso, the difference there is that there are a lot of people, on both sides of the party, that are seeing someone that is walking into his own crime scene," Ramos explained. "I believe that he is someone that is walking into this crime scene with blood on his hands."

She said that Trump has turned El Paso, which is "beautiful" and "safe," into "a battlefield."

"Every time he used the word invasion, he has implicitly entitled his base, white supremacists, to attack us," she explained. "So, that is why what we’re seeing on the screen is not normal because a lot of people see someone that is literally walking into their own mess, their own crime, their own slaughterhouse he created."

Watch her full comments below: