Republican campaign arm accuses Democrat who lost her son to gun violence of trying to make ‘a quick buck’ on mass shootings
Lucy McBath testifies before a Florida Senate committee (screen grab)

On Wednesday, Camille Gallo, a regional press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, tweeted that Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) is just trying to make "a quick buck" off of mass shootings, because she mentioned the recent tragedies in a fundraising email.

McBath is a freshman House lawmaker who was inspired to run for Congress due to the shooting death of her son Jordan Davis, who was killed at a Florida gas station in 2012 for playing his music too loud.

Despite howls of outrage from commenters over their insensitivity, the NRCC doubled down on their attack:

The "lives in Tennessee" line is a reference to a stunt the NRCC previously pulled to try to "prove" McBath doesn't live in her district, by sending unwanted packages to McBath's elderly mother-in-law in Tennessee and then trying to pass off her signature as McBath's.

The NRCC's communications team has come under increasing criticism from even members of their own party in recent months, due to a series of childish personal attacks on Democratic lawmakers and a failure to coordinate their message with GOP House members.