‘Rhymes with duck’: Chris Hayes breaks down how Trumpism 'stained' Republicans -- even in Texas
Donald Trump speaks from The White House Oval Office (CNN/screen grab)

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes on Friday reported on the "political earthquake in Trump country" as more and more Republicans are choosing to retire rather than share the ballot with President Donald Trump in 2020.

"Amidst all the angsty hand-wringing about the Democratic circular firing squad in the last round of debates, there is something more interesting happening on the ground, right now, among Republicans," Hayes noted.

"In the last week three Texas congressmen decided to call it quits, and that includes one of the most politically skilled and able members of the House Republican caucus, Will Hurd," he explained. "He is one of only three Republicans anywhere in a Hillary Clinton district that managed to survive the 2018 blue wave. He represents 800 miles of border with Mexico. He’s the only Republican African American in the House and him saying goodbye is quite simply a huge deal."

The host displayed a tweet by Texas Tribune DC bureau chief Abby Livingston.

"Now we’re seeing this in all these suburbs that Republicans have counted on in the past as well. Despite the blue wave in 2018, there were few representatives in close races who managed to hang on. But now in just the past little stretch of time, two of them, Will Hurd and Pete Olson are retiring because frankly, I think, they can read the writing on the wall," he suggested.

"This is not just a story about Texas. This is a story about the kinds of voters Donald Trump is alienating, that Trumpism is alienating," he explained. "What is happening in Texas is Will Hurd and Pete Olson realizing their constituents don’t like Donald Trump, and reelection is practically impossible because they are stained by the president."