Rick Wilson warns ‘Donald Trump is not a well man’ and is now ‘speaking in tongues’
GOP strategist Rick Wilson.

President Donald Trump is mentally unwell, a top strategist explained on MSNBC on Thursday.

"A few 24 hours after a sustained presidential performance that even by Donald Trump’s standard qualified as unhinged and unnerving, the world is reeling and offering a collective judgment of omg and wtf. That is a concise summary of this morning’s headlines," anchor John Heilemann reported.

"To help you grasp the full scope of the presidential meltdown, we offer you this," he said, introducing a clip of Trump.

"This string of absurdities might seem mildly funny at times but to Trump’s own former aides, what they witnessed in recent days crossed the threshold from amusing to alarming," he explained.

For analysis, Heilemann interviewed GOP strategist Rick Wilson, the author of the 2018 bestselling book Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever.

"The number of times we talked about Trump seeming his mental state was worsening, his dementia was encroaching, that he lost his mind, lost his grip, we have been talking about this now for more than two years," Heilemann said. "But to a lot of people it seems worse beyond the adjectives and adverbs, what’s the case for the notion that it is actually getting worse?"

"I think there are interesting sort of verbal aphasias and gaps you’re hearing in his speech patterns and way he’s delivering his various messages, particularly little press sprays where there’s no teleprompter, nothing prepared, it is just off the cuff," Wilson replied.

"I do think the underpinning theory of Trump for a long time was he got this super clever multi-dimensional chess game he’s playing, but there are no results, there are no positive outcomes for any of these things he’s doing and saying. But you would think somebody with the presence of mind and consciousness of what is happening around them would correct their behavior or correct their direction and you just don’t see him doing it. Aside from the sort of edgy way I described it in the article, there’s a lot of I think evidence building that Donald Trump is not a well man," he explained.

Wilson had pity for Republicans working for Trump's 2020 re-election campaign.

"I think most of the Republican operatives and consultants that are working for the Trump campaign are just along for the ride. They recognize they can set up all of these structures and all of these organizational plans and all of these political plans and they have to essentially have to run them separately from Donald Trump who is going to go out and say whatever is in his little old head that day and have the usual sort of speaking in tongues he does at the rallies and they always have to play catch-up," Wilson explained. "He is the client from hell."