Shep Smith mocks Israel prime minister for being Trump’s lapdog: The president tweets -- Netanyahu forbids
Shep Smith gets emotional on-air. Image via screengrab.

Fox News host Shep Smith began his Thursday show mocking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for being nothing more than President Donald Trump's lapdog.

"Our reporting begins with the Israeli government announcing it will bar two American Muslim Congresswomen from visiting the country," Smith said at the top of his show.

The move, Smith explained, came after Trump tweeted out his disdain, saying that it would show "great weakness" if Israel allowed the women to come into the country.

The two were set to visit the West Bank.

"Aside from being the president’s political opponents, the congresswomen support a boycott against Israel due to its treatment of the Palestinian people," he continued. "And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that gets him the legal right to ban them. The truth is, he knew of their position two weeks ago, when the Israeli Ambassador to the United States said their entry would, indeed, be allowed. In the end Israel controls who visits it’s occupied territories and in this case the president tweets, Benjamin Netanyahu forbids."

Watch the opener below: