Shep Smith mocks White House for insisting Trump’s meeting with shooting victims isn’t a ‘photo op’
Fox chief news anchor Shep Smith (screengrab)

President Donald Trump brought his social media staffer with him on the official White House visit to Dayton, Ohio in wake of a mass shooting. Streets were lined with protesters. It's unknown if the people Trump met with were only his supporters, but the small group of people at the hospital flocked to him. Trump's social media expert then bragged about Trump being treated like a rockstar, when he was supposed to be in the hospital to reassure shooting survivors.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden was making a key speech about racism, white supremacy and violence. Trump responded to the speech with an attack, calling the speech "boring." He tweeted that cable news shouldn't cover it because their ratings will fall.

Fox News host Shep Smith noted that the president did this while flying from Dayton, Ohio "where the mourning and the grieving continue, to El Paso where the mourning and the grieving continues."

"Thus far they’ve not allowed the press corps to come with them saying it’s not a photo op," Smith explained. "Instead, the White House releasing its own pictures of the president’s activities today while keeping the media away. John Roberts is at the White House for us this afternoon. Striking contrast there, John."

Trump replied to Smith's opener tweeting that CNN is better than him.

Watch Smith and reporter John Roberts below: