Texas school staffer told Hispanic student that Trump will deport him after he violated school dress code: parents
Arrest of undocumented immigrant. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency)

A school staffer employed by the Lancaster Independent School District's Obama 9th Grade Center has been put on leave for threatening a student with deportation after he violated the school's dress code.

CBS News reports that a 14-year-old Hispanic student was placed in in-school suspension earlier this week after he showed up to school without wearing a belt.

It was during this suspension, reports local affiliate CBS 11 Dallas, that a staff member allegedly approached the teen and grew upset when he responded to a question by replying, "Yeah" instead of "Yes sir."

At that point, the staffer showed the student a coin with the logo of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on it and told him that he faced deportation if he didn't shape up.

"He told him, 'even though you are a citizen, Trump is working on a law where he can deport you, too, because of your mom’s status,'" explained the teen's mother, who is in the country legally but is not an American citizen.

"Basically, he was afraid," she said of her son's reaction. "You show him this ICE thing. He doesn’t know what that is. All he knows, he knows what’s going on right now."

The Lancaster Independent School District put the staffer on leave and is investigating the incident.

"Lancaster ISD is aware of the comments made by a staff member to a student," the district tells CBS 11. "We are working to gather all of the information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation."