Texas sheriff's deputy faces calls to resign after 'racist and misogynistic' Facebook posts involving elf dolls
Williamson County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Deaton (Image via screengrab / KXAN)

On Wednesday, KXAN News reported that several residents of Williamson County, Texas are calling on the Commissioners Court to fire a sheriff's deputy, Commander Steve Deaton, following a series of "racist and misogynistic" Facebook posts.

The posts depict a series of Barbie dolls and elf dolls posed in ways that imply sexual assault. In one post, a black elf doll holds the hair of a white Barbie doll, with the caption, "Sticking to etiquette our elf holds the hair of his date to the party while she pukes. Silently though he wonders whether the roofie he slipped her earlier will still be effective."

Another post showed an elf destroying an action figure of a black football player with a tiny chainsaw, complete with a pool of blood, reading, "Our patriotic elf grew angrier all season. He finally snapped and decided to show the NFL how he goes about taking knees for not standing during our national anthem."

Deaton is already the subject of a sexual harassment complaint, filed in April. The complaint alleges Deaton told his deputies it was his goal that one of them have sex with a producer on the A&E reality show "Live PD," which follows the real-time exploits of police officers for several departments around the country including the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

Watch KXAN's report below: