'The deplorables were the good guys': Media analyst chuckles at Trump supporters who got movie canceled
Young Donald Trump supporters. (Image via AFP)

CNN media analyst Oliver Darcy couldn't help but chuckle at President Donald Trump and his supporters who freaked out about the film "The Hunt," which has people called "deplorables" being hunted by others with guns.

Fox News ran a full day of stories about the film, fueling the anger of the president and his supporters, who former Sec. Hillary Clinton called "a basket of deplorables." Universal Studios effectively canceled the release of the film due to the uprising.

Ironically, however, the so-called "deplorables" were the heroes of the film, meaning Trump supporters got a film canceled that painted so-called "deplorables" in not only a positive light, but the saviors of a world where "globalist elites" are in control.

"There are clear undertones to this movie, but at the end of the day, I think most people, when they were looking at this, figured out the deplorables are actually the good people in the movie," Darcy said. "This is actually a pro-deplorable movie coming out next month, but that didn’t really stop it from taking hold in the right-wing media particularly on Fox News. I kept seeing segment after segment on this controversy. And I guess I am assuming the president of the United States must have been watching one of those segments because on Friday he used this movie, he didn’t identify it by name but it was pretty clear about this movie to attack Hollywood, he attacked Hollywood as racist and wanting to incite violence."

Saturday, Universal released a statement saying that they had already paused the film due to the shootings, but they were effectively canceling it.

Watch his full commentary below: