'They won't do anything the NRA doesn't want them to do': CNN's Jeffrey Toobin scorches the GOP
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin (Screen cap).

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin slammed the GOP for remaining in thrall to the National Rifle Association despite the urgent public calls for action to end gun violence.

"Mitch McConnell has been under enormous pressure from House Democrats and others to bring up the legislation that passed in the House this year, the universal background checks," said congressional reporter Manu Raju. "A bill he doesn't support and the president doesn't support, and I'm told that McConnell is not going to bring forward any bill the president doesn't support or have a support from a wide array of members in his own conference. So behind the scenes he's talking about other things that they could do to deal with the aftermath of these shootings."

"Among the things now under consideration, I'm told, are dealing with the mental health issues the president laid out talking about the so-called red flag legislation to essentially empower states to deny access to guns to people who could be at risk to public safety," added Raju. "But also look into what the president also raises a specter of yesterday, dealing with violent video games."

"Short answer, they won't do anything that the National Rifle Association doesn't want them to do," said Toobin. "They can play ludicrous games about video games and nonsense about that this is a cause for these horrible murders, but remember who's really in charge of the Republican Party on this issue. It's the National Rifle Association."

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