This child sex predator visited the Trump White House 13 different times -- and it wasn't Jeffrey Epstein: report
George Nader and Donald Trump (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's longtime friendship with accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has gotten renewed attention ever since Epstein's apparent suicide earlier this month.

However, the president also has a relationship with a convicted child predator who has visited the White House 13 different times during Trump's first term.

The Washington Examiner reports that George Nader, who has been convicted in the past for sexually abusing underage boys and who earlier this year was hit with fresh charges for possession of child pornography, routinely visited the White House for regular meetings with Steve Bannon during his tenure as Trump's top political strategist.

"Nader first visited Bannon in the White House in February 2017," reports the Examiner, which has obtained nonpublic White House visitor logs. "His dozen subsequent visits stretched through August, when Bannon was fired after seven months on the job. It's unclear if Nader visited the White House after Bannon left."

One of the Examiner's sources claims that Bannon's meetings with Nader in the White House "were always private meetings," and the source said that they were "clearly" problematic for the one-time Trump campaign chairman.

A Bannon ally, however, tells the Examiner that Bannon "had zero knowledge of Nader’s criminal record" when he met with him, and pinned the blame on Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner for bringing Nader into the Trump inner circle in the first place.

Nader became an ally to the Trump campaign in 2016, when he met with Donald Trump Jr. to offer help with his father's presidential race against Democrat Hillary Clinton.