TN GOPer claims to 'honor' women on same day his caucus refuses to condemn rep. who 'sexually abused three girls'
David Byrd (WSMV/screen grab)

The Tennessee Democratic Party lashed out at state Republican lawmakers for refusing to bring up an effort to condemn a lawmaker who has reportedly admitted sexually harassing or abusing three girls.

The Tennessean reported on Monday that the Republican caucus controlling the state House had refused to add to the calendar an expulsion vote for Republican Rep. David Byrd.

He has been accused of mistreating three women as their basketball coach and teacher in the 1990s. Earlier this year, some House Republicans said that they found Byrd's accusers to be credible.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Tennessee Democratic Party condemned the hypocrisy after one of GOP members sent out a tweet celebrating the ability for women to vote.

"On the same day that Rep. Curcio & @tnhousegop claimed to honor women, the caucus sent clear a message to Tennessee’s women & girls that they’re okay with working alongside a man who sexually abused three girls as a teacher and coach — even after he admitted it," the Democrats said.

Democratic Rep. Gloria Johnson intends to try to bring up an expulsion vote during Friday's floor session even though it was left off the legislative calendar.

"You can't say 'I believe the victims' and allow him to continue to sit in that House," Johnson explained recently. "It is unacceptable. It is wrong. We are revictimizing victims every day we keep him here."