Top Trump booster infuriates fans after they give him $15K to move to DC -- and he spends it on something else
Top Trump booster Bill Mitchell (YouTube screen cap).

Notorious Trump fanatic Bill Mitchell has infuriated many of his supporters after he solicited $15,000 to help him move to Washington, D.C. so that he could cover the 2020 presidential race on their behalf -- but instead he appears to have spent the money on something else entirely.

The Daily Beast reports that Mitchell earlier this year regularly pushed his fans to donate to a GoFundMe campaign that he said would help him make the move to D.C. ahead of the 2020 election.

However, his fans reacted with shock last week when Mitchell surprisingly posted photos of his new place in Miami, Florida.

After several fans questioned why he said he needed cash to move to D.C., Mitchell responded by saying that Miami was a much nicer place to live.

“DC gets maybe 4 nice months a year,” Mitchell explained. “Miami gets 10.”

Mitchell then claimed that Miami "is a MUCH better location for the show based upon too many reasons to explain here. Better studio, MUCH better distribution, FAR FAR more reach, MUCH more influence."

Mitchell said that he didn't use the $15,000 donated by fans to buy his new digs in Miami, but he has also refused to tell them what he spent it on and has resisted calls to refund donors' money.