Trump allies have been reading a bizarre fascist manifesto that encourages young men to prepare for military rule
Militia member Sean Anderson patrols the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (YouTube)

Political allies of President Donald Trump have been reading a bizarre fascist manifesto that encourages young right-wing men to join the military and then use the knowledge in combat they gain to prepare for military rule.

Politico reports that former Trump White House officials who have read the book do not approve of its conclusions but they do believe it presents several intriguing ideas and they think it's gained real traction among many of the disaffected young white men who voted for the president in 2016.

"It’s still a cult book,” said a former Trump White House official. "If you’re a young person, intelligent, adjacent in some way to the right, it’s very likely you would have heard of it."

Former Trump National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton, meanwhile, wrote a massive 5,000-word review of the book in which he acknowledged the manifesto's appeal even as he shunned some of its most radical ideas.

The manifesto was written by an anonymous man who calls himself "Bronze Age Pervert" and, according to Politco, it mixes "Nietzschean philosophy with critiques of contemporary Western society, denigrating homosexuality, Judiasm, Islam, feminism and much else along the way."

The book is deliberately offensive, writes Politico, as at various points it "describes social justice as 'disgusting parasitism,' opines that women who succeed in traditionally male domains are 'spiritual lesbians,' and complains that the U.S. intelligence services employ too many Mormons."

At the conclusion of his lengthy review, Anton warns his fellow conservatives that the manifesto is winning the hearts and minds of young right-wing men -- while "conservatism is losing."