Trump isn't responsible for El Paso shooter — because he was clearly a liberal extremist: Fox News' Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters on his Fox News show/Screenshot

President Donald Trump is facing a fresh storm of criticism for his racist rhetoric towards Mexicans in the wake of the El Paso shooter leaving a manifesto of hate towards migrants.

But according to Fox News' Jesse Watters, Trump should not be blamed — because in fact the shooter was a radical, left-wing environmentalist.

"Yes he hated migrants. He was a segregationist, racial purist, total psycho," said Watters on Monday's edition of Fox News' "The Five." "But also, he was an environmental extremist. He used the exact same talking points from radical environmental extremists, talking about the Earth is being polluted. Corporations are to blame. We need to depopulate the world. And that was also a motivating factor in the attack."

"And then at the end of the thing, he says this: 'All of my ideologies predated Donald Trump and his campaign for president. I’ve had my immigration opinions for years.' This has nothing to do with Donald Trump, yet the media directly links him."

As Mediaite pointed out, the shooter did mention the environment in his manifesto, but mainly from the perspective of nonwhite people causing overpopulation. He also was an avid Trump supporter, writing out Trump's name with guns on social media, and he did not say that the shooting had nothing to do with Trump — just that he believed all of these stances prior to Trump entering politics.

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