Trump kept bringing up Obama when pressed about an assault weapons ban — so the Dayton mayor used that to her advantage
Mayor Nan Whaley -- CNN screenshot

Following mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend, Dayton’s Democratic mayor, Nan Whaley, has been pushing for a ban of military-style assault weapons in the United States. And when Whaley was interviewed on CNN on Wednesday afternoon, the Dayton mayor noted that she was using some reverse psychology with President Donald Trump — implying that if such a ban came about Trump’s watch, he would be accomplishing something that his processor, President Barack Obama, didn’t accomplish.

CNN asked Whaley what Trump had to say in response to her wanting to ban assault weapons and to Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who has also been pushing for the ban. And Whaley responded that Trump “was kind of intimating that President Obama didn’t get the assault weapon passed.’ He said, ‘Why didn’t Obama get this done?’ And Sen. Brown said, ‘Look, he didn’t have the votes.’”

Whaley continued, “I said, ‘But you know, Gov. (Mike) DeWine voted for the assault weapon ban when he was a senator’….. And I said, ‘But, you know,  maybe you can get the votes, Mr. President. You can do something that Obama couldn’t do. How about you get the votes for the assault weapon ban?’”

CNN commented, ‘That’s a way to appeal to him. Do you feel like he was listening?” and Whaley responded, “He heard us. I don’t know if he listens. This is the only time I’ve ever met the man.”

Watch the video below: