Wall Street Journal White House correspondent Michael C. Bender revealed during a panel discussion with CNN's Don Lemon that a top Trump super PAC official thinks the president could do something on guns if he wanted.

"This is his key to getting swing voters in the suburbs," Bender told Lemon. "Getting the establishment, country club Republican who's should be, on paper, locked down for this president. I know there's been a lot of ups and downs on the economy over the last week but, you know, big picture here, over the last three years, they should be looking at their 401ks, looking at their investments, and, no doubt about it, in the bag. Ready for a second term."

The problem for these swing voters, however, is that the seeds of racial division have been sewn.

"The embarrassment they feel when the president goes overseas, when he talks, when he speaks in public, and when he's on Twitter," Bender continued. "That may be a base strategy, but the base is already. I've got to tell you; I had dinner with an official from the Trump super PAC. It's a little different; we were talking about the gun issue. But the interesting part here is that what he said was that he thought that Trump could push if he wants to, for tougher gun laws and not be hurt by the base. The reason is this president can do almost anything he wants without offending the base."

Others have made similar comments over the past few weeks, saying that only Trump could do this because the NRA is currently in shambles and Republicans are refusing to act.

Watch his comments below: