Trump vows to campaign for Matt Bevin — the least popular governor in America
Gov. Matt Bevin (Image credit: Gage Skidmore)

At President Donald Trump's rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, he made a pledge to hold a rally for Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY), who is fighting for his political life in the face of the lowest approval ratings of any governor in America.

"We have a man who is running for governor of Kentucky again," said Trump. "And he’s done an incredible job. Sometimes you can do such a good job that not everybody appreciates it. When you correct it you make yourself a little bit less popular. But he had no choice, and they had no choice. It's a great, great state. And he has turned out to be a great, great governor, Matt Bevin."

"He is running in November," added Trump. "Because I like him so much, Matt, get a nice big arena ready, we're going to do a rally for you."

Despite Kentucky's overwhelmingly conservative lean, Bevin has alienated many voters by moving to slash public benefits, and by hurling cheap insults at various groups and politicians around the state. He is being challenged by Democratic state Attorney General Andy Beshear.

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