Trump's lawyers demand MSNBC retract claim his Deutsche Bank loans were co-signed by Russian oligarchs
American President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit. (Kremlin photo.)

Lawyers representing President Donald Trump have demanded that MSNBC retract claims made by host Lawrence O'Donnell that the president's Deutsche Bank loans were co-signed by Russian oligarchs.

As reported by the Washington Post's Paul Farhi, Trump attorney Charles Harder sent a letter to NBC Universal that called O'Donnell's claims "false and defamatory" and demanded that the network apologize for airing them.

Harder also argued that he could prove malice on the part of O'Donnell because "numerous documents for each of these loans are also recorded, publicly available and searchable online," which would mean that O'Donnell showed "reckless disregard for the truth" when airing his report.

O'Donnell based his claim on a single source whom he described as "close to Deutsche Bank" who told him that "Trump's loan documents there show that he has co- signers... and that the co- signers are Russian oligarchs." O'Donnell went on to claim that "if true, that explains every kind word Trump has ever said about Russia and Putin."

Deutsche Bank has so far refused to comment on O'Donnell's claims.

Read the whole letter below.