Trump's White House forced to 'tamp down' his political attacks during visit to mass shooting site: report
Trump visits hospital at mass shooting site (Photo: White House Twitter)

President Donald Trump went from visiting the hospital where mass shooting victims and survivors were taken after the attack over the weekend. His social media staffer posted photos of smiling faces touching the president and Trump taking selfies with nurses. It's unclear if he met with any survivors because the president wouldn't allow any press to attend.

"I saw that the White House staff has engaged in some back and forths too, with various -- the president's director of social media, Dan Scavino," said MSNBC host Chuck Todd. "Do they have any regrets about being as aggressive on politics today? You know, they can — they could claim, 'Yeah, that others are doing it, too.' But do they have an explanation of why they decided to do this on a day when they wanted the story to be the president mourning with victims?"

White House correspondent for NBC News, Kristen Welker explained that the media was in attendance on the trip, but weren't allowed to watch Trump.

"This is, Chuck -- you see that this is a White House that's really divided," explained Welker. "You have the president; you have Dan Scavino as you just mentioned taking new aim at the mayor of Dayton. It's not entirely clear why. She held a press conference. She talked about the fact that she had concerns that, yes, this could happen in another American city if there weren't stiffer laws passed. Perhaps that is what sparked the backlash from the president and his social media director. But then his White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, tried to talk to reporters on Air Force One, and really tried to tamp down some of those tensions, tried to turn the page on the fact that he was stepping on his own message, Chuck."

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