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Volcano near Tokyo erupts, prompting warnings



A volcano near Tokyo has erupted for the first time in four years, throwing ash and smoke nearly two kilometres into the sky and sparking warnings not to approach the mountain.

Mount Asama, some 140 kilometres (90 miles) northwest of the Japanese capital, exploded overnight and prompted the national meteorological agency to raise its alert level to three out of five, meaning people should avoid the crater.


The agency warned that large rocks and fast-moving flows of hot gas could affect a radius of four kilometres from the crater and that nearby towns could be hit by smaller rocks and ash depending on prevailing winds.

An agency official told AFP on Thursday that gas was still being thrown into the air but at a “normal” level. “We don’t see activity picking up,” he said.

Mount Asama last erupted in June 2015. There were no injuries in the small eruption

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White House tells Corey Lewandowski to keep his mouth shut when appearing before Congress



Corey Lewandowski is slated to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, but President Donald Trump's White House is telling the possible Senate hopeful to keep his mouth shut.

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted about the instruction Monday, less than 24 hours before Lewandowski is scheduled to be sworn in.

"White House has instructed Corey Lewandowski not to testify about his conversations with POTUS or other White House officials that are not already delineated in Mueller report, per aide familiar with strategy. He testifies tomorrow," Dawsey tweeted.

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Ilhan Omar: If Trump lies about ‘weather maps and crowd sizes,’ he cannot be trusted with war powers



On Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) discussed the attack on Saudi oil facilities with CNN's Erin Burnett — and weighed in on the possibility of President Donald Trump using military force.

"Should a military strike be on the table right now as an option by the U.S. specifically, Congresswoman, or do you think no?" asked Burnett.

"Congress has the constitutional right to declare war," said Omar. "The president doesn't have it, secretary of state doesn't have it, and Saudi Arabia certainly doesn't have it. I think we need to make sure that the American people understand that this administration that lies about weather maps or crowd sizes cannot be trusted to give us the full information we need to be able to make a decision whether we should be going to war or not with Iran. We are not in a position to think about another endless war, and I really hope that my colleagues in Congress are going to pressure this administration to take a step back and figure out how we use diplomacy in the escalating situation."

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‘He better do this or he’ll look stupid’: MSNBC host tells Trump to do something on gun safety



If President Donald Trump doesn't act on gun safety laws he's going to look like an idiot, according to one MSNBC host.

During an introduction about an upcoming segment, Chris Matthews handed it to the president over his inaction with gun safety. Despite multiple mass shootings with high-powered weapons and overwhelming support for stronger background checks and an assault weapons ban, Trump has refused to act.

"Democrats back President Trump corner on gun legislation making him an offer on background checks, I don't see how he refuses," said Matthews. "His response remains muddled so as not to anger his pals at the NRA. He is scared right now. Trump doesn't know what to do. This is one time on guns I think he knows that Nancy and Chuck have put something on the table, a firm offer to do background checks and background checks alone. He better do this or he'll look stupid."

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