WATCH: Black woman confronts 'white power'-shouting racist who ran into her car

A black woman this week found herself in a confrontation with a racist man who shouted "white power" at her after he ran into her car.

Ohio resident Jolean Dailey this week posted videos on her Facebook page showing the aftermath of a car accident involving herself and two white people who were driving a gray sedan.

The first video shows the immediate aftermath of the accident, in which the white man in the car drove away while yelling, "Ain’t nothing wrong with your car, n*gger!"

Dailey proceeded to follow the car, which eventually pulled over into a parking lot. The white man got out of the car to confront her and yelled, "White f*cking power!" at her before returning to the vehicle.

“White power?” an incredulous Dailey replied. “Did you say white power to me?”

According to a report published by the Akron Beacon Journal, police eventually tracked down the man and charged him with "a fifth-degree felony charge of ethnic intimidation and a misdemeanor charge of aggravated menacing."

Watch the videos below.