WATCH: Cop busts woman for texting and driving while texting her friend about anti-text-and-driving laws

A police officer in Minnesota this week pulled over a driver who was texting and driving while sending text messages to her friend about a newly enacted anti-texting-and-driving law.

Local news station KUTV reports that an officer from the Eagan Police Department stopped a woman driving a black SUV because he believed that she was violating the state's new "hands-free" that makes it illegal to hold up your phone unless you are calling 911 during an emergency.

In a video posted on the Eagan P.D.'s Facebook page, the officer can be seen exiting his vehicle and asking the woman if she was using her phone to send text messages while driving, and she replied that she was.

The officer proceeded to write her a ticket and then asked her, "Were you texting about the hands-free law?"

"Yes," the woman replies.

At this point the officer sighs and recommends that the woman buy a Bluetooth earpiece so she could safely use her phone while driving.

Watch the video below.