Watch Don Lemon report on the president’s fears of windmills — after Trump bashed CNN
CNN's Don Lemon (screengrab)

While on vacation in New Jersey, President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked CNN on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump argued that it was ok to use an ethnic slur to refer to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

That night, anchor Don Lemon did not shy away from covering Trump, along with a chyron reading, "This is not politics as usual; this is the president going off the rails during a speech."

He began with a clip from the speech featuring Trump complaining about former President Barack Obama.

"This president cannot get over Obama. He can’t quit him," he said.

After reminding Trump of his poor standing with African Americans, Lemon examined Trump's irrational fear of windmills.

The host then played hilarious clips of Trump ranting about windmills, including claiming they cause cancer, which Lemon fact-checked.

He then weaved in an analysis of Trump's comments about former White House press secretary Anthony Scaramucci and concluded with how the administration's latest immigration crackdown is an insult to the memory of former President Ronald Reagan.