WATCH: Gang of white people release dog to viciously attack black man during fistfight
William Lafave and other participate in a fight in Roseville, Michigan (Twitter)

A black man in Roseville, Michigan is recovering from multiple injuries after what appeared to be a gang of white men ordered a dog to attack him last Wednesday.

According to WXYZ, 32-year-old William Lafave admitted to fighting the 20-year-old victim. The fight escalated when Lafave's stepson released a dog to attack the victim who they alleged had a knife.

"That's why the dog was let go and the dog did his job to make sure he protected me from getting stabbed by the individual," Lafave told the station.

The victim, who was not named, insisted to WXYZ that he never had any type of weapon.

Cell phone video shows four white people with a dog on the street converging on a black man who is walking down the sidewalk.

Lafave can be seen throwing the first punch at the black man before another white person brings the dog into the fight. The dog repeatedly bites the victim, forcing him to the ground and into the street.

The group of white people then take over the attack on the victim, who is kicked multiple times and hit with a trashcan.

Video of the incident went viral over the weekend after activists shared it on social media.

Roseville police said that their investigation is continuing. There are no reports of charges being filed.

Watch the video below.