WATCH: 'Hero' walks into middle of Proud Boys protest and says 'f*ck you' to each of them
Counter protester shouts at so-called Proud Botland in Portland (Twitter/screen grab)

A man became a hero to the internet over the weekend after he was captured on video saying "f*ck you" to members of a group of conservative protesters known as Proud Boys.

In a video that appeared to be from Saturday's protests in Portland, a man can be seen walking into a group of right-wing demonstrators.

"F*ck you," the man says, pointing at an apparent Proud Boys member.

"F*ck you," the man says again as he points at another member of the group.

The man then repeats the process over and over, pointing out a member of the Proud Boys each time. He did make an exception for a dog, which he described as "cool."

Watch the video and read some of the responses below.