WATCH: Off-duty cop pulls gun on man for sitting in his parked car while black

A Tuscumbia, Alabama police officer is on leave after a video went viral that shows him pulling a gun on a black man who was sitting in his car, WAFF48 reports.

The video, which was posted to Facebook by Ryan Williams, shows a man claiming to be an off duty Tuscumbia police officer approach Williams who is sitting in a parked car, and ask him for his identification. The man claims he saw Williams driving recklessly, but according to Williams, who is the one filming the video, he was sitting in the motionless car the whole time.

It was then that the man unholstered his gun.

"You gonna pull a gun?" Williams asked.

"You're damn right I am," the man replies.

As other officers arrive in the scene, Williams repeatedly asks why the gun is necessary. At one point, the man tells Williams that he doesn't "live here and you’ve got no right to be here," adding that he pulled his weapon so he wouldn't get "blindsided."

In a statement, Tuscumbia’s chief of police confirmed that the man is indeed an officer in his department and is on leave while the matter is being investigated.

“The Tuscumbia Police Department was made aware of an incident that took place late Saturday night involving a Tuscumbia police officer and a citizen at an apartment complex in Tuscumbia," Chief Tony Logan's statement read. "The department has began the process of an internal investigation into the situation. Protection our our citizens as well as our employees is paramount as we conduct our sworn duties. Following the conclusion of the investigation further information may be made available next week. The officer involved is now on paid administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation."

Williams was not charged with a crime, according to WAFF48.

Watch the video below: