West Virginia Republican senator arrested after text messages reveal prostitution ring
Mike Maroney (YouTube)

West Virginia Republican state Sen. Mike Maroney was charged this week with soliciting a prostitute.

According to criminal complaint filed on Tuesday, Maroney's cell phone was used to solicit a prostitute in May.

The complaint claims that someone with Maroney's phone exchanged text messages with a prostitute who offered services for $120 an hour.

In a text message conversation on May 16, the suspected prostitute demanded to see a photograph of Maroney before she would meet with him. Officers said that the photograph matched pictures of Maroney on file.

Maroney also allegedly took advantage of the woman's services on June 19.

"It's 120 or I can do a car date," she wrote.

"No problem with 120," Maroney allegedly wrote back. "I can be there in 10 min."

On June 13, Maroney received a message from the woman saying, "Come f*ck me."

Maroney, a radiologist, was arraigned on charges of soliciting a prostitute. He was released on $4,500 bond.

Maroney is one of seven men who have been charged in connection to the prostitution ring.

The lawmaker has previously made headlines for his anti-LGBT legislation.