White House 'hung up' on Gold Star widow when she called to complain about Trump tax bill: CNN
Gold Star widow Jessica Braden-Rogers appears on CNN (Screen cap).

A Gold Star widow told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Friday that the Trump White House hung up on her when she called to tell them about how President Donald Trump's signature tax plan has been hurting her family.

During an interview on CNN, Gold Star widow Jessica Braden-Rogers explained how taxes on her late husband's survivor's benefits and Social Security quadrupled after the passage of Trump's tax plan in late 2017.

"We had no idea the new tax laws were going to impact Gold Star kids," she told Camerota. "We had no clue of any of this until February and March this year when we started filing our 2018 taxes, and then we found out how this had impacted us. They were all shocked."

Braden-Rogers went on to explain how she has tried to reach out to lawmakers to lobby them to fix the tax law so Gold Star families don't get hit with higher tax bills -- but she said that several Republicans, including the Trump White House, have been giving her the cold shoulder.

"In April, I tried calling [the White House] and was hung up on," she said.

Camerota seemed surprised that the White House would just hang up on a Gold Star widow and asked her to explain further.

"As soon as the operator at the White House comment line answered the phone and I started to explain the reason of my call... they literally hung up, they didn't say, 'Thank you for calling,' you know, 'We'll take your concerns to the president'... they hung up on me."

Watch the video below.