Yet another Republican congressman quits as the GOP exodus continues
GOP Rep. John Shimkus

Republicans continue to retire in droves from the House of Representatives.

The latest, Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) announced Friday on the Mark Reardon show that he will not run for re-election in 2020, KMOX reports. "In his 12th term right now, Shimkus was reelected in 2018 with more than 70% of the vote. He has represented Illinois' 15th Congressional District since 2013, before that he was represented Illinois' 19th Congressional District, since 2003."

"Although the 2020 election is still more than 14 months away, there are already four times as many Republicans leaving the House as there are Democrats. As interesting, only two of the 12 Republicans who have announced they are either retiring at the end of their terms or, in Duffy's case, resigning before their terms end, are leaving to run for higher office. The other 10 are simply walking away from politics entirely -- at least for the next two years," CNN reported on Monday.

"Again, no two House retirements are exactly the same -- and all of them are influenced by personal factors. But when this many House Republicans in these districts announce this early that they aren't running again (and they aren't running for any higher office) it's a telling indicator of the fact that all is not well for congressional GOPers," CNN added.