'Abuse of power': Biden calls for Trump impeachment in scathing speech
Former Vice President Joe Biden, photo by Marc Nozell

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed the escalating controversy over President Donald Trump's conversation with the president of Ukraine, in which Trump may have suggested that aid to the country is contingent on digging up dirt on Biden.

Biden said that Trump needs to comply with any resulting probes and that if he fails to do so impeachment proceedings are an appropriate response.

"We have a president who believes there's no limit to his power," he said."We have a president who believes he's above the law."

He also said that Trump's failure to comply with Congressional probes, "is an abuse of power" and undermines national security.

"If we let a president get away with shredding the United States constitution, that will last forever," Biden said. He added that if Trump continues stonewalling inquiries into his behavior, Democrats must pursue impeachment.

"It's time to let the world know who we are."