'Are you a Swiftie?' Hasan Minhaj flummoxes GOPer by asking if he expects Taylor Swift to fix student debt crisis
Hasan Minhaj speaks to Bill Posey (screen grab)

Netflix host Hasan Minhaj testified on Tuesday that the student debt crisis effectively puts a "paywall" around the American middle class.

While appearing before the House Financial Services Committee, Minhaj argued that Americans are being "sidelined" by their college debt.

One Republican lawmaker, Rep. Bill Posey on Florida, seemed confused when the comedian explained that young people are asking celebrities to help pay off their student loans.

"Are you familiar with the rapper Lil Uzi Vert?" Minhaj asked Posey. "I think it's a huge problem that the youth of America have to bombard their favorite rapper or pop musician and ask them to pay back their student loans. They're not even asking for selfies anymore."

"Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?" Minhaj wondered.

"I -- well..." Posey began before he was interrupted.

"Are you a Swiftie?" Minhaj queried. "Because even her fans have gone up to her and said would you pay back my student loans. That's how desperate student borrowers are."

"Alright," a befuddled Posey replied before moving on to the next witness.

Watch the video below.