'At some point, you've got to let that go': CNN reporter rips Trump for desperately repeating Alabama lie
CNN's Abby Phillip [Photo: screenshot from video]

On Thursday, CNN correspondent Abby Phillip expressed her amazement that President Donald Trump is so desperate to keep alive his lie about Alabama being in the path of Hurricane Dorian, and the subsequent stunt with a Sharpie in the Oval Office.

"If this was an innocuous mistake about something that didn't really matter, then fine," said Phillip. "But this was a mistake about something that actually does matter to people, whether or not they're in the path of a hurricane, it's the president's responsibility to disseminate accurate information to the extent possible or don't disseminate any information at all."

"There are plenty of agencies in the federal government that have the responsibility to inform people about what's going on. He could have left it to them. But he didn't," said Phillip. "And what's also interesting about his fixation on Alabama is that just in the last day or so, he seems to be so obsessed with the idea that he was worried about the people of Alabama. He tweeted this afternoon that I was with you all along and the fake news media was not. I mean, this is a president who always seems to be focused on the people who voted for him."

"That may be why he wanted to express to the people of Alabama that he was worried for them, even though they were not necessarily in the storm's path," said Phillip. "But at some point, you've got to let that go, because he's compounding problems for himself. The White House, at this point, is now keeping the story alive for five days. And it really makes no sense."

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