BUSTED: Philly police commissioner caught wearing T-shirt promoting racist 'Rodney King' violence by cops
Philadelphia Acting Police Commissioner Christine M. Coulter (screengrab)

Residents are demanding the Philadelphia Police Commissioner resign after a photo surfaced of her wearing a shocking T-shirt.

"Philadelphia's Acting Police Commissioner Christine Coulter is in city council chambers on Tuesday afternoon, speaking about a racially insensitive t-shirt she wore in the 90s," WPVI-TV reported Tuesday.

"The shirt Coulter wore says, 'L.A.P.D. -- We Treat You Like A King.' The shirt references Rodney King, a black man, who was severely beaten by four white police Los Angeles officers," the station noted.

Video of the incident is considered by some to be the first viral video.

“It is clear that it was a bad decision on my part and I would not wear that shirt today,” Coulter said said. “Certainly, as I look at the past week and the hurt and damage it has caused people who I care about to communities that I always care about, I should have known.”

Following her apology, Councilwoman Cindy Bass read from a letter to Mayor Jim Kenney calling for Coulter's resignation.

"It is my opinion it is inconceivable that she was unaware the t-shirt reference of a widely publicized brutal beating of a citizen by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department," said Bass.