CNN's Toobin: It's suspicious if the name Biden 'even appears in the transcript' of Trump's Ukraine call
Jeffrey Toobin -- CNN screenshot

President Donald Trump has announced he plans to release a transcript of the phone call he had with Ukrainian officials about former Vice President Joe Biden's son, which has led to an avalanche of calls for an impeachment inquiry including from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

On Tuesday's edition of "The Situation Room," chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin suggested that it doesn't even matter whether Trump demanded a direct quid pro quo from Ukraine — the mere fact that he would be discussing Biden, in his capacity as president on a diplomatic call, would be extremely damning.

"The White House is going to fight at every opportunity, but just in the past week we learned that they don't control every part of the fact-based world," said Toobin. "This whistleblower came out of nowhere. We don't even know who he or she is. There may be more people out there who know about what went on here and think they have incriminating information. This whistleblower wants to testify. This whistleblower may have evidence other than his or her memory. The transcript will certainly illuminate something."

"I mean, if the name Biden even appears in the transcript, I think that will be viewed as highly incriminating," added Toobin. "Why the heck is the president, if this is the case, talking to the president of Ukraine about Joe Biden, whose son hasn't worked there for years?"

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