Trump tells North Carolina there’s no need to talk about Hurricane Dorian: ‘You can take it’
President Donald Trump at a MAGA rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina (screengrab)

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday, only days after Hurricane Dorian battered the state.

Trump made the trip to campaign for Republican Dan Bishop in a special election in North Carolina's ninth congressional district. Bishop is facing Democrat Dan McCready in the do-over election after massive election fraud by the Republican campaign.

The president showed little interest in playing the role of consoler-in-chief, saying he didn't even want to talk about the hurricane before launching attacks on Democrats and the media.

Trump also expressed surprise that North Carolina was hit the hardest, as was forecast. That occurred as Trump was in the ninth day of receiving criticism for lying about Alabama being in the path of the storm.

"We pledge the full support of the federal government through every step of the rebuilding process and I will say North Carolina, in our country, probably got hit the hardest in the country -- that was a little bit of a surprise, but I know one thing about North Carolina, you can take it," Trump said. "And you'll build it quickly and you'll build it beautifully and you'll be back sooner than anybody ever thought and better than ever."

"North Carolina will truly recover so fast -- I know you people so well -- let’s not even talk about it. Let's not even talk about it," he repeated.