Don Trump Jr. uncorks utterly nonsensical 'Fox & Friends' rant about AOC and Cambodian genocide
First son Donald Trump, Jr. (screengrab)

Donald Trump Jr. on Friday uncorked a nonsensical rant during an appearance on "Fox & Friends" in which he responded to a question about Democratic policy proposals by discussing the horrors of the Cambodian genocide in the 1970s.

After being asked to evaluate the Democrats' policy ideas on display at Thursday night's debate, Trump Jr. began by attacking the media for making Americans think they haven't benefited from the current economy and then went off on a series of strange tangents.

"You've seen that with blue-checkmark Twitter, I see that, they go online, like, 'We've done a great job of convincing the average American that they haven't benefited tax cuts,' again, they won't talk about the jobs created because of it, they won't talk about the people pulled off of food stamps and not dependent on government, they talk about these soundbites because there's no one in media who will hold them in check!" Trump Jr. began.

Trump Jr. then went off into even stranger territory with a riff about Cambodian genocide and racism.

"There's no accountability, that's why you can have these radical ideas and if you contest them, you know, you're a racist," he said. "I think you may have seen that AOC response to that, there was a Cambodian lady that put out this incredible ad who went through the Cambodian genocide and 2 million people killed and the disaster that is socialism and communism that they're all espousing, and this Cambodian woman, she's racist."

Watch the video below.