Fox News legal analyst predicts Republicans 'will weep' for allowing Trump to act like 'a prince'

Fox News chief legal analyst Andrew Napolitano took aim at Congressional Republicans during his show Napolitano’s Chambers this Wednesday, accusing them of allowing President Trump to repeatedly violate the Constitution, paving the way for "tyranny" to rise.

Napolitano cited Trump's redirection of funds intended for the military towards the construction of 175 miles of new barriers on the nearly 2,000-mile wall along the US-Mexico border.

“After Congress expressly declined to give him that money, Trump signed into law – rather than vetoed – the legislation that denied him the funds he sought and then spent the money anyway,” Napolitano said.

He also slammed Trump's tariffs, referring to them as an "imposition of sales taxes," adding that “these are taxes that only Congress can constitutionally authorize.”

Napolitano pointed out that "the Supreme Court often struck down power transfers from Congress to the president."

"It did so not to preserve the institutional integrity of Congress but to uphold the principle of the separation of powers that the Founding Fathers crafted as a bulwark against tyranny," he continued. "The constitutional allocation of power among the branches is not for them to alter."

“This gradual concentration of power in the presidency is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that became a bare naked wolf,” Napolitano declared, adding that Republicans "who rejoice in this will weep over it when a Democrat is in the White House. No president should have unconstitutional powers."

“The guarantees of the Constitution — separation of powers foremost among them — are only effective when the folks in whose hands we repose the Constitution for safekeeping are faithful to their oaths to uphold it."

"When Congress lets presidents write their own laws, then he's not a president, he's a prince," he concluded.

Watch the segment below, via Fox News: