GOP MASS EXODUS: Republican congressman in district Trump won by double-digits 'retires' to run for county seat
Republican U.S. Congressman California

A four-term Republican U.S. Congressman who represents a district President Donald Trump won by double digits has just announced he is retiring at the end of his term. Rep. Paul Cook of California will run for a seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, according to the L.A. Times and The Hill.

Republicans, who know they cannot win back the House next year, are leaving in droves.

Rep. Cook becomes the 18th Republican to announce they are leaving the U.S. House of Representatives this term. By comparison, only four Democrats have announced they are leaving.

Cook won re-election last November with 60% of the vote. His district is heavily pro-Trump. The district voted for the president over Hillary Clinton by nearly 16 points.

Cook leaves Congress with a thin but considerably anti-LGBT and anti-abortion record.